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Technical data and difficulty

Deporvillage Transpyr Backroads consists of seven stages with 1.000 km and almost 18.000 meters elevation, this is a daily average of 145 km and 2.500 m

It is reserved for people with a physical and mental high fitness. Participants must be able to perform an average speed of not less than 10 km / hour at every stage.

Each participant must bring the medical certificate, provided by the organization.

Route tracking

The route is tracked by GPS. Only in potential danger or problematic zones signs of help are placed.

Participants are always responsible to handle the circulation rules, as the official route is open to motorized traffic.

It is compulsory to respect the rules from visited places and the priority of pedestrians, other cyclists or vehicles. The participant is the responsible in front of whatever authority in all the places and, not respecting that might carry to cancellation of the inscriptions.

Food and Beverage

During the tour, the organization establishes solid and liquid supplies. One of the aid stations serves lunch based on rice or pasta. At the end of the route there is another light refreshment station.
Registration also includes a meal based on carbohydrates, at sunset before each stage, known as Pasta Party.

It is recommended to bring some type of energy supplement to reinforce and start the stage with at least one liter of drink.

Insurances and Medical Assistance

A medical assistance service is present along Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast. Its mission is to attend to the crashed or injured riders DURING EACH STAGE.

Once the stage is finished, the participant who needs medical attention must be attended by the public or private medical services of the municipality.

Mandatory sports insurance is included in the participating pack. Each participant is free to contract and use other complementary insurance.

Personal luggage

The organization delivers a bag during the accreditation so you can put all your belongings. We transfer this Transpyr Bag every day to the accommodation (as long as it is within the urban nucleus of the stage point).

We can send the bag home before the accreditation so that you can better organize yourself, contracting the Suitcase home service from the participating Area.

The bag cannot weigh more than 20 kg.


The reservation of accommodation is the responsibility of the participant: you can reserve it on your own at each stage point, you can travel by motorhome or you can hire the hotel pack offered by VALUA TRAVEL with different proposals.

Accommodation is not included in registration.

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