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Postponement service

Service that allows postponement for next year without justification of the reason. It should be noted that this service can only be contracted at the time of registration and that there is no refund in case of non-use of the service.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Registration can only be postponed once.
  • The registration is personal; it can’t be transferred to another person.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to confirm participation for next year edition
  • If the organization changes the price of registration and / or optional services, the participant must pay the difference.
  • The participant has no guarantee of registration in case the places are sold out before confirming the participation. In this case he will lose his place.
  • With this postponement the participant loses the possibility of recovering the registration fee in case he can’t participate in Transpyr Coast to Coast 2021.
  • To be able to postpone the participation, the participant must inform a maximum of 15 days before the celebration of the event. Any communication after this date obliges to the payment of the amount of € 100.00 for the costs generated in the inscription.

* The postponement does not apply to optional services contracted

Bag to home

We want to give you the maximum facilities when preparing the luggage that you will take to the Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast. For this reason, we offer you the “Bag to home” service, with which you will receive the official Transpyr C2C suitcase at your home in which to store your belongings throughout the race. In this way, the time you would invest in transferring your luggage to the bag the day before the race, you can invest in preparing for the great adventure of crossing the Pyrenees.


  • Available up to 05.21.2024
  • Limited units. The service will be available while stocks last
  • Possibility of national (Spain) and international shipments to some countries


Bag on arrival

Transfer of a small bag with your essentials (some coat, favorite bars, recovery drinks…), from the same line of departure to the finish line. Contract this service for greater comfort.

Pack Supporter

Are your family or friends going to accompany you during Transpyr Coast to Coast? For them we have created the Supporter Pack, a service designed so that your companions can give you support and share your mission and enjoy the Pyrenees. The Pack includes tickets for Pasta Party, accreditation, access to showers, etc.

Transfer of the bike box

Transport the bicycle case at the end of the route so you can repackage your bicycle for the return trip.

External services
Pack Hotel

The best option for a good rest after a hard stage is the Hotel Pack.

The accommodations have been selected to meet the different quality standards of the participants, and always taking into account their location, prioritizing that they are as close as possible to the point of arrival and departure and that they offer breakfast early in the morning.

The pack includes 7 nights with breakfast before departure (if there was no breakfast in the same hotel, it would be in other establishments). We also offer options for the East and West modalities.

The organization is not responsible for the service offered by the accommodation (rooms, food, space for bicycles, etc.) to meet the expectations of the different participants.

More information and contracting on the VALUA TRAVEL website.

Transfer services

Bike transfers are offered to the starting point in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, as well as flight and transfer from San Sebastian to the first stage.

Transportation back to the starting point can also be arranged for TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST participants, which will include transportation for the runner, their luggage, and their bicycle.

More information and contracting through VALUA TRAVEL.

Mechanical service

Aware of the mechanical demands to which the bicycles at Transpyr Coast to Coast are subjected, the organization recommends the mechanical assistance service.

The difficulty in organizing an efficient service for a diversity of makes and models of bicycles in an environment such as the Pyrenees requires prior contracting of this service.

There are several external Mechanical Service offers accredited by Transpyr Coast to Coast. The participant can choose the one that suits him and contract it on his own.

Massage service

The Transpyr Coast to Coast organization recommends hiring the massage service for those who want to recover from the effort, relieve legs and arms or need bandages or stretching after so many hours on the bike.

There are several external offers of Massage Services accredited by Transpyr Coast to Coast. The participant can choose the one that suits him and contract it on his own.

Photography pack

Get a special memory of this memorable adventure with images taken by the official Transpyr Coast to Coast professional photography team.


All these services can be purchased in the participant area.



Any provision of external services must be authorized by the organization of Transpyr Coast to Coast, who has the power to accept it or not, by the agreements with the town halls of the stage town locations and by the property rights of the event. This point includes technical assistance, photography, massages, transportation, accommodation, etc.

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