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0. Introduction

TRANSPYR BACKROADS is an event which is celebrated within TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST, the traverse of the Pyrenees that includes various cycling events or modalities of participation.

1. Participant fitness

Transpyr Backroads is open to expert or advanced cyclists with an adequate level of physical and psychological resistance. Participants must be over 18 years of age from the first day of the race. Participants have full responsibility for their health status. To prove it, they must present the medical certificate that they will find in their Participant Area, duly filled out.

All participants must be officially accredited.

2. General terms and conditions

All participants must accept the REGISTRATION REGULATION and the Private Regulations of Transpyr Backroads, available on the official website, and must follow the guidelines and orders given by the organization’s staff. All instructions constitute a contractual obligation for the participant. Claims of any kind regarding the contract or services provided by the organizer of Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast, ANAYET LATITUD NORTE SL and CLUB CICLISTA TRANSPYR, must be raised exclusively at the end of the event, this is within the month after the end of the event, and exclusively for the organizer at the address indicated below.

3. Registration

All participants must set the registration online from the official website, within the time limits established by the organization. The organization reserves the right to extend the registration period. Registration for Transpyr Backroads is personal and non-transferable. Registration will be effective after the participant has accepted the registration rules and regulations, and when the organization has received the payment of the registration fees.

As of April 10, 2023, the organization establishes a management fee for each change in the modality, stipulated at € 30.00. As of May 1, 2023, the organization cannot guarantee that these changes will be reflected in bib numbers and other elements of the Participant Pack TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2023.

TRANSPYR BACKROADS registration status entitles you to receive the Participant Pack TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2023.

4. Payment Conditions

The payment terms and conditions are established through the payment gateway on the same website.

5. Payment in installments

The payment of the total registration is allowed in a fractional way in three payments divided into:

  • 1st payment (50%) – At the time of registration
  • 2nd payment (25%) – Before Mach 1, 2023
  • 3rd payment (25%) – Before May 1, 2023

Said payments are not automatically charged to the account, it is the participant’s responsibility to enter their participating area and proceed with the corresponding payment as established.


  1. Cancellation by the participant. Cancellation Policy

The organization allows the cancellation of the registration within the following periods, with their respective economic conditions. It is important to note that the registrations made for Transpyr C2C 2023 differ from registrations from using the postponement service in 2022.

Due to the nature of the services provided, the registration and contracting of optional services of the organization are not subject to the obligation of return by free withdrawal by the client.

Registrations using Postponement Service:

As stated in the description of this service, and in the personalized letter sent to each interested at the time of use, its execution cancels the right to receive any refund of registration fees in a hypothetical cancellation.

Registrations made from SEPTEMBER 1, 2022 for TRANSPYR C2C 2023

  • Until December 31, 2022: Refund of 75% of the total registration.
  • Until March 31, 2023: Refund of 50% of the total registration.
  • Until May 11, 2023: Refund of 15% of the total registration.
  • From May 12, 2023: Registration fees* are not refunded and a 15% discount voucher is offered on Transpyr Coast to Coast 2024 registration.

For these hypothetical returns, the total price of the registration fees will always be considered, and not the amount paid by the interested party until the time of cancellation.

There are no exceptions for medical reasons of injuries or illnesses. In these cases, it may only be possible to pass the registration the following year if the Postponement Service has been booked at the time of registration. Participants who have not contracted this option will not be able to postpone their registration, whatever the reason.

For this reason, WE ADVISE THE CONTRACTING OF THE POSTPONEMENT SERVICE, which allows postponing the registration to the next edition for any reason and until May 11, 2023. After that date, said service is suspended and it will not be possible to use it.

* Important: If you have contracted and paid for optional services of the organization, these will be considered for all purposes and for this matter as “registration fees” and are governed by the same periods set out in the cancellation policy.

2. Cancellation / Termination by the organizer

The organizer can cancel the contractual condition of registration of a participant after the start of the event if these cases occur:

1. Violation of the rules or regulations by the participant, once informed during the event.

2. Failure to observe instructions of the event management or organization staff.

In all these cases, the participant is entitled only to the refund of the amount corresponding to the estimate of the services not consumed at the time of the extinction.

3. Cancellation of the event

In the case that the necessary minimum of registered is not reached, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the event. In this case, the full amount of the registration will be returned. The organization may propose an alternative to participants already registered.

If the event is canceled due to circumstances of force majeure not attributable to the organizer (fire risk, extreme weather conditions, Public Administration recommendations, etc.), the participant will not be entitled to any refund of the registration fee or compensation of other losses such as travel expenses or accommodation.

4. Unused services

If the participant withdraws from the event due to illness or another reason not attributable to the organizer or does not use the services to which registration is entitled, he will not be entitled to any refund, whatever time you withdraw from the event.

Commercial and image rights


The company ANAYET LATITUD NORTE SL, trademark ANAYET SPORT MARKETING holds all rights to Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast. This fact concerns everything that refers to organizational, commercial and image aspects in which it has exclusivity in the framework and environment of the event, before, during and after it. ANAYET LATITUD NORTE SL therefore has the power and authority to decide on these matters and may limit the capacity of action of the participants, as well as organizations, professionals or companies alien to the organization, if it considers that it is against their interests.

2. Brands


3. Image of the participants

All participants for the sole purpose of formalizing their registration to Transpyr Backroads consent to ANAYET LATITUD NORTE SL to freely use audiovisual materials (photographs and images) recorded during the event in which their person can be recognized, thus accessing to its publication and dissemination both by the organization and by the media and other organizations outside it.


During the celebration of TRANSPYR BACKROADS the organizer will have contact with the participant’s personal objects, such as the GPS device, luggage bag and bicycle. The participant may not claim a certain value from the organizer in case of loss or changes of these objects that is proven to be caused by the organizer, limiting its responsibility to a standard appraisal for each of these objects or belongings.

The organization is not responsible in case of loss or theft of participant’s objects. It is the responsibility of the participant to properly secure their objects and belongings during the development of Transpyr Coast to Coast. Therefore, it is the participant’s responsibility to adequately secure their objects and belongings during the development of Transpyr Coast to Coast.

The organization is not responsible for outsiders using the itinerary of Transpyr Coast to Coast.

The participant accepts the following responsibility once the registration is confirmed:

With this accreditation, I commit to the TRANSPYR BACKROADS event. Compensatory claims made against the organizer, regardless of the reason, are excluded. This will not apply if the organizer, his legal representatives or his assistants have acted with intent or vulgar negligence in the execution of their responsibilities or if the organizer is duly held responsible due to justifiable damages resulting from injuries to life, body or health. of a person or the breach of essential contractual obligations.

I certify that I have read, know and understand the REGISTRATION REGULATIONS and regulations of the event and will respect it. I am aware that the organization will have a medical assistance and first aid service only to assist the participant in the event. I expressly state with my signature that I participate in this event at my own risk and that I am insured in the event of an accident or civil liability.

In the same way, I declare that at the beginning of the event I do not present any health problem nor do I have an incompatible history and in case of suffering them, I certify that I will take the necessary measures.

I accept that the company ANAYET LATITUD NORTE S.L. and the entity CLUB CICLISTA TRANSPYR may use my personal data including the email address provided with organizational effects of Transpyr Coast to Coast to send me more information regarding the event, including that derived from the relationship with collaborators and sponsors.

Statute of limitation/ jurisdiction

Any claim of the participant to the organizer, without considering the terrain and legal procedures, is subject to the statute of limitation one year after the end of the contractually specified event. The legal and contractual relationship between the participant and the organizer will be fully subject to Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction is Girona (Catalunya)

Details of the organizer:

For all purposes, the ultimate responsible for the organization of Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast is:



Polígono Municipal, vial 4- nave 9

E-31500 Tudela. (Navarre)

CIF: B31968068

ANAYET SPORT MARKETING can count on the support of other companies or entities for the organization and general development of Deporvillage Transpyr Coast to Coast.

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