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1. DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS is a cycling activity in a personal resistance challenge format that joins two seas across the Pyrenees over seven days or stages.

2. DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS comprises 7 stages totaling approximately 1,000 km and around 20,000m of positive slope.



4. Participants must be over 18 years of age from the first day of the route. In this regulation participant is an individual who takes part in DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS.

5. Every person enrolled in DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS must be in possession of insurance with health care coverage for accidents and civil liability in the practice of cycling, for the nature and scope of the activity described. The organization will provide these insurances with the registration fees. Therefore, the registered people agree to provide their personal data if the hiring of these insurances is necessary.

6. Participation in DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS will take place individually.

7. The route is followed by GPS.

8. The organization will provide to the participants: track of the route, altimetric profile and map-sketches, as well as the necessary information for the monitoring of each stage.

9. The entire route takes place in conditions of open traffic and use of unaltered places. For this reason, the participant must respect the traffic rules at all times and the indications of the organization’s personnel or law enforcement, being he himself the only one responsible for the imprudence Participants must observe the regulations and laws that apply to it, and specifically may not circulate together at the same time more than fifty cyclists on public roads, whether or not they are participants in DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS.

10. Each participant must have an adequate physical form, assuming their physical and mental conditions under their responsibility. Participation is restricted to those who suffer from any disease or decrease of any kind that could jeopardize their physical integrity or that of other participants. In this sense, the medical certificate that you will find in your participant area duly filled out must be delivered on the day of accreditation.


11. As a cycle tour with a group of less than 50 cyclists, they will ride freely and at their own pace as long as they respect the Circulation Code at all times. DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS does not include the accompanying guide service.

12. The organization will enable conveniently signaled supplies during each stage with the criterion of trying to cover their feeding and hydration needs along the way. The organization can decide to complement these supplies on the road with a bag of departure supplies for the first part of the day. In spite of this, we recommend, taking into account the demanding orography in some sections, to carry some kind of supplement and / or energy boosters.

13. A deadline will be established in the last provisioning in order to guarantee the pace that allows to reach the goal with daylight while preserving security. If the scheduled time is reached later, the participant must follow the instructions of the organization.

14. Pass controls. The participant must follow the track provided by the organization in order to travel the itinerary covered by it. The supplies provide the functions of step controls to preserve security. The organization may have supplementary passage controls on unspecified sections of the route in order to validate the follow-up of the same itinerary by all participants.

15. If the organization is aware that a participant has not gone through any of the step controls, they can request the GPS track in order to validate their itinerary.

16. In some places DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS will coincide on the route and in supplies with DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB (the mountain bike ride), respecting the good coexistence between the participants always.

17. The departures will normally be in a group, but the organization may provide punctual or exceptionally, for security reasons, the departure in the morning at different time intervals individually or by groups of few participants.

18. The arrivals of each stage are in urban sections so it should be remembered that it should be circulated at a moderate speed, respecting the traffic rules.

19. The organization establishes a recognition for every participant of DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS that has respected the complete route proposed for the seven stages and has passed through all the established step controls.


20. The use of an approved helmet for road cycling is mandatory.

21. The participant must have the bicycle in perfect conditions of use, checked and with the braking system and covers in good condition.

22. The participant must be mechanically self-sufficient and carry the spare material they deem appropriate.

23. Each participant and as long as the contrary is not stated, must always carry with them the following materials and accessories in the development of each stage: helmet approved for road cycling, GPS device sufficient battery autonomy and replacement battery, telephone mobile (whose number will have been entered in the participant’s file) with charged battery and balance to make calls, thermal blanket, participant accreditation with emergency phone numbers and at least one liter of drink.

This luggage will be controlled at the discretion of the organization and especially at the start of each day.

There may be other material and equipment that the organization determines as mandatory, for a certain stage and / or depending on various variables, and that will be communicated well in advance.

24. The organization may verify at any time the status of all participants enrolled in the DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS. To do this, each participant must always carry the hallmark for this purpose it will be provided courtesy.


Our partner OCTAVE from Bagnères-de-Bigorre proposes the timing of a mountain pass in each of the first four stages of the DEPORVILLAGE TRANSPYR BACKROADS 2023 route, publishing one ranking for women and another for men in each “col”, and a general one for the sum of these four mountain passes.

The information about these passes will be published soon.

The entrance to the timed sector will be signposted and will be done without stopping, as you pass through the starting point. It is not, therefore, an individual time trial sector. The arrival will also be visible and will also be in movement.

The timed section will always be open to traffic and other road users, with the organization limiting itself to providing priority of passage when appropriate.

Participants are free to adopt whatever tactics and strategies throughout the timed sector.

To appear in the CHALLENGE OCTAVE ranking, any participant must have completed the four stages .

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